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Mission Statement
HepNS is a charitable organization that reduces the impact of hepatitis through support, information and education.

Governing Principles

  • We recognize that hepatitis has an impact on everyone.
  • We respect an individual’s right to privacy.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to make their own informed choices.
  • We are committed to govern responsibly in accordance with our mission.

Review our agency brochure.

We aim to provide information and support for people living with Hepatitis by offering community based health promotion support networks, a toll-free support and information line, counselling, brochures, and other information pertaining to Hepatitis.

HepNS is committed to:

  • Reducing the stigma, isolation and discrimination associated with hepatitis;
  • Reducing transmission rates through preventative education;
  • Promoting healthy living through information and support for people living with hepatitis.
View Results. The survey recently conducted examines:
  • How HepNS is engaging with members and the community
  • Satisfaction with current products & services
  • Identify gaps in services
  • Discover needs of members
  • What services are available in Atlantic Canada?
  • Identify gaps in education, services
  • Whether HepNS can enhance their existing services
  • Current awareness of HepNS